Monday, May 16, 2011

Layton has no Power

Jack Layton can go on and on about how he will "work together" with the Conservatives, but it is not going to happen. The whole reason why Stephen Harper wanted a majority was so he could run things the way he wants without consulting the other parties. The NDP will not get government programs and they will not get funding for the things they want. The Conservatives do not care how much Layton opposes their bills because they can pass them without him.

In the next four years, I think we will see many fiscal cuts to appeal to the Tory base, but won't rile up the population. This will allow Harper to announce a tax cut just in time for the election. And the NDP will not be able to do a thing about it.
During his victory speech on election night, Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised NDP Leader Jack Layton with a warmth usually reserved for an old friend. 
“I think I can speak for the entire country in recognizing the determination and tenacity of Mr. Layton and his remarkable campaign,” said a smiling Harper, as Conservative supporters inside Calgary’s Telus Convention Centre cheered their new political rival.
Read more at the Toronto Star.


  1. Being opposition when you can be forced into an election before you are ready is waaaaay harder than what Layton has coming his way.

  2. Im thinking that the Tories might actually co-operate with the other parties to a degree. Remember, after this election they will have to run again, and they want to be in as good standing as possible. My thoughts are that they will take certain opposition ideas, give them a conservative spin, and pass them to at least pretend that they care. For example, they might pass some of their stuff, but include someting for the other guy. For example, they might cut subsidies for wind, solar, and hydro power, but might wrap it in with cut subsidies for bituminous sands explorations. Just my thoughts.

  3. I love how Liberals crow about Layton having 'no power.'

    And the amount of power the Liberals have is....?

  4. Lilatomic the Conservatives won't cut subsidies to the oil sands ever he has a majority that means control the Liberals and the NDP don't have much power when there is a majority.

  5. The only person in rhe House with power is Harper, period!


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