Sunday, May 01, 2011

Don't Give Harper a majority!

Harper is saying that right wing Liberals should vote for him to stop a left wing NDP government. The blue Liberals know that a vote for a Harper means a government that won't respect democracy, and aren't fiscally responsible spending 1 billion dollars on the most expensive G8/G20 summit in history. The Conservatives gave Canada a deficit. The Liberals know that their party fixed the deficit mess in 1993 and will do it again. Voting Liberal will not be a vote for the NDP. Even now where the NDP is just 5% behind the Conservatives Harper is still predicted to be just behind a majority Government. Don't be fooled the Conservatives want a majority. They want complete control. The only thing stopping him is your vote.  Don't give Stephen Harper a majority. A vote for the Liberals is a vote for a fiscally responsible government, a government that helps Canadians with education and will keep the economy strong like they have before.


  1. iffy and his war room have run a terrible campaign. If you are a blue grit the thought of socialists running the country should terrify you. The Tories have been endorsed by almost every Newspaper in the country as the best choice. Not a single paper has endorsed the grits.
    Its time to vote Tory .

  2. The Grits gave us the debt starting back in 1973 and it's sometyhing we have to this day. If it wasn't for Trudeau and his love-in with the NDP back then, we would have more than enough tax money to go around.

  3. Time to vote tory. top the ndp from destroying Canada. All Blue liberals like my Mr fisher in Willowdale who has switched to the Cons over NDP hate of Israel

  4. Roy Eppen

    Giving Harper a majority would mean extreme right wing ideology controlling the contry. Blue Liberals wouldn't be well representend with a Harper majority.


    The Liberal party of the 1970's is no longer the Liberal party of today.


    The Liberals have a history of supporting israel, and the NDP also have a pro Israel policy. Jack Layton's foreign policy advisers have made the NDP a very pro Israel party. The Liberals when in goverment has created a free trade agreement with Israel and made hamas and hezbollah which are terrorist groups in the middle east as illegal orginizations.


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