Monday, May 02, 2011

PM Jack Layton

Today is May 2. Election day. It looks like we will be back in 2008, except that the NDP and Liberals will have switched places. Stephen Harper will have his third minority and will subsequently resign as leader before the next election.

But, that is one of only a few scenarios that could happen. It seems, with the rise of the NDP, that the Liberals and the NDP together will hold a great number of seats in the House of Commons (thank you, BQ). This means that those two are in good position to form government, coalition, whatever you want to call it.

PM Jack Layton would not be that bad. I would much rather have him than Stephen Harper. The Tories have brought with them a mandate of secrecy, waste and contempt for Canadians. With the NDP, we will at least have open government and the Liberals, holding the balance of power might be able to water down their huge spending promises.

Most of all, would be the coveted Proportional Representation. No matter what form it comes in, voting reform is needed in Canada. The NDP has committed to electoral reform and that can only be good for Canada.


  1. Be careful what you wish for...

    You just might get it.

  2. While I kind of agree with your sentiment, shouldn't you wait for the results? All the prognosticators, which may or may not be right, seem to show Harper may yet emerge with the most seats, even if he doesn't get a majority.

    Only a couple indicate the Lib / NDP number will be greater than the conservative number of seats.

    Unless they do, I fully expect Harper to leap all over himself to appease the separatists he despises so (I'm using his phrasing here . . . not trying to pick a fight ;)

    You just run the risk of sounding like you're only presenting your own wishful thinking. It might be best to wait for the results this evening and then comment on what you would like to see happen next.

    Nevertheless, I applaud your optimism ;).

  3. Your Jack Layton and his team are calling up Liberal supporters today and telling them their polling station has changed. Very dirty stuff and hardly worthy of a vote. Very noticeable that in Gerard Kennedy's riding, only Kennedy supporters are getting these false calls. Makes Harper look like a saint.

  4. I do think PM Jack Layton would be that bad... which still isn't as bad as another rendition of PM Harper. Layton is the lesser evil, still evil, but lesser evil.

  5. I still want a Liberal Goverment, and I hope Candians realize which party has given them a strong economy and a surplus when they were in power.

  6. I always thought there was quite a gap between Liberals and NDPers. It's never tough to spot one or the other. Like Martha Hall Findlay vs Libby Davies. Not a tough call at all.

    Sure, both Liberals and Dippers hate Harper. (They share that hate like a blanket on Survivor.) But NDPers have that "rabble" element where everyone to the right of them is a "fascist" and the "multinationals need to be destroyed" and stuff like that. I don't know what you do with that element of the party.

  7. You may find Jack Layton's (NDP's) true political affiliations quite interesting - the SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL (SI ) - from whom Jack takes orders (as opposed to from his electorate):

    This is a REPORT of the SI on its SAO PAULO conference which discusses new global institutions of global governance, and new international architecture, the nation-state being no longer "important":

    These are the Participants at the SAO PAULO conference, including Dawn Black for the NDP:

    Layton's NDP and the SI are working on creating a world government. However, this is old news, the SI has been working on that since well before NDP became a member of the SI.

    A couple of Permanent Links on JACK being front-page news at the SI web site after the May 2011 federal elections:




    [3] "The Grasp of the Socialist International by William F. Jasper (New American 16 February 2010) -- "

    That last article will explain to you precisely WHAT the Socialist International is, and where it comes from. Its roots are SOVIET, it's the continuation of the old Soviet Communist International, a plan for communist world government.

    A lot of people voted for Jack because they know Stephen Harper is annexing Canada to the USA and Mexico. However, JACK is a friendly guest speaker at the Model Parliament for North America hosted by the North American Forum on Integration. He secretly promotes CONTINENTAL UNION, the annexation of Canada to the USA and Mexico, because it's needed to complete the world communist government made up of Marxist-model continenal unions.

    Visit me on Facebook.
    And at YouTube:

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union


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