Sunday, May 01, 2011

Vote Liberal !

The party that should get elected May 2nd is the Liberal Party of Canada. They unlike the Conservatives don't believe in billions of dollars being spend on Prisons, jets and corporate tax cuts. They unlike the Bloc believe in National unity. They unlike the NDP have a realistic platform that Canada can afford without raising taxes more than the putting the corporate taxes where they were in 2008. Unlike the NDP they have a record of budgetary surplus, and being able to afford there promises without damaging Canada's competitiveness. The Liberals believe in investing in education. Although they may not believe in a Carbon tax currently. They believe in reducing emission and creating a green economy by making High speed rail, helping Canadians renovate there houses and investing more in renewable energy. Unlike Harper the Liberals have supported Canada's universal health care since the beginning, and has never called for the end of the Canad health act like the Conservatives. They have a history of giving Canada a strong economy. They support realistic goals to improve health care and senior care. They support crime prevention not mega prisons. Fiscal responsibility not billion in spending promises or billion in tax cuts to major multinationals. The party that Can help Canada the most is the Liberal party. On May 2nd vote for the party that has done so much and is prepared to do so much more for Canada

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  1. I agree with you and my vote will be for the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Thank you for posting it is becoming hard to find liberal support here at Progressive

    A liberal supporter.

  2. No party has ever promised so much and delivered so little(child care,Gst).No party has ever damaged key areas (health and education) as badly.No party has damaged the military more deeply. I can not wait to see who gets blamed for liberal devastation on may 3(attack ads,ignorant electorate). Because no party has ever taken less responsibility for their weaknesses

  3. No problem with arguing your point. You think the LPC is the best party to govern. But it seems unfair to attempt to marginalize the NDP as ominous tax raisers when the provincial NDP governments have the best record of balancing budgets - much better than the provincial Liberal parties do.

  4. The Libs will not win. This much is a given.

    The question is which party should the Libs prop up (assuming it is a minority)?

    I'd point out that if the Libs do hang on to official opposition than it is likely a Cons. majority. Do the math.

  5. Dennis Hopper1 May 2011 at 10:17

    You might reasonable criticise provincial NDP governments on their overall economic management, but I believe that they historically run balanced budgets more often than Liberal governments.

  6. Kirby Cairo and Dennis Hopper
    The NDP have a history of spending Billions, without having a plan to pay for it. Even when they balance the budget there economic mangament as Hopper metioned isn't as good. The Liberals are the party that keeped the economy strong and keeped a balance budget that lowered the debt so much that they practically paid for Harper's biggest deficit in history.


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