Tuesday, January 11, 2011

20/11 Tour

Michael Ignatieff is to go on another tour. The Liberal Express tour during the summer and the Open Mike tours were great successes. These two tours helped convince me that Michael Ignatieff is the leader who is going to lead the Liberal Party to victory. The 20/11 tour will visit twenty ridings currently not held by the Liberals to try and sway them. Notably, the tour is not directed at Conservative voters. Michael Ignatieff hopes to sway NDP, Bloc and Green voters not to vote for their respective party and instead, vote for the Liberals.
Some might consider voting for the NDP, the Bloc Québécois, or the Green Party in order to “send Stephen Harper a message.” But if you vote for the NDP, the Bloc, or the Greens to send Stephen Harper a message, you’ll get Stephen Harper – and he won’t get the message.
This is a good, well-calculated experiment. This might be in part driven by Kevin Lamoureux's win in Winnepeg-North, a former NDP stronghold. I don't put much stock in by-elections, but the tour cannot hurt. In the next election, the Liberals do have to win seats from the NDP and Bloc and the 20/11 tour is a good way to accomplish just that.

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