Sunday, January 02, 2011

Some Great Year

In Prime Minister Stephen Harper's New Year's message, he went through all that was accomplished in 2010. Indeed there have been accomplishments, but also many failures. The year began with the prorogation of Parliament for the second year in the row. This time, it was designed to get away from the Afghan detainee scandal while gaining more support while the Olympics were happening. The Olympics were a great event that brought Canadians together. Congratulations on that, Mr. Harper. Following this was the G20 G8 double summit, plagued by useless pork-barrel spending, protests, a fence and a fake lake. So much spending led the French president to publicly state that next year's convention in France will cost substantially less. Along with the Tories' war on freedom of information and reducing emissions, Canada's international reputation is suffering. Election, please.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper toasted Canada's solid successes in 2010 in an undramatic New Year's message that contrasted sharply to those of global leaders who face continuing economic or political crises.
Despite a massive federal deficit, Mr. Harper offered no call to Canadians for common sacrifice, as British Prime Minister David Cameron did. Despite a sluggish economy, he felt no need to reach back to the achievements of previous generations to urge Canadians to renew their country's greatness, as U.S. President Barack Obama did.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. Interesting analysis but it did not play out in November by elections with the CPC winning 66% of the contests. The CPC are 5/7 in by elections since winning in 2006. Liberals are 1/7. Scandal mongering does not work.

  2. All what you have said is true, but I do not agree with your use of by-elections as proof. By-elections focus more on local issues and the candidates themselves than the national parties and leaders. Maybe the Liberal party has trouble attracting good candidates.

    Scandal mongering does work, as long as a viable alternative is presented properly. The Liberal party is a viable alternative. It just hasn't been presented properly so far.


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