Friday, January 14, 2011

Subsidies to Political partys must stay.

Political party subsidies were put in place to level the playing field so that political parties get funding for every vote they get. Harper again is putting this into the spotlight for silly reason's saying that it isn't fair to Canadian tax payers. That's silly the whole point political parties get 2 dollars per vote is to support small and large parties for having support rather than supporting the party that has the most richest people in it. In this circumstance it helps parties like the Green Party that almost got 1 million votes in the last election, but no seats it gives these small parties finical support, because they proven that this party has a strong amount of support in the country. Eliminating this subsidy would mean that small parties wouldn't get funding and big parties that have already a lot of money would be able to silence the smaller parties. We need to keep the subsidy it is important to allow the people to have voice in how in a election is done when they vote, but Harper would like to silence the Green party the NDP and the Bloc in the next election. this 27 million dollar subsidy is will do little to nothing to reduce the 55,000,000,000 dollar deficit the Conservatives gave us. How about instead of giving Oil companies high tax cuts to reduce the deficit instead of a subsidy that supports political balance in our election.


  1. They must go.

    The subsidies deny small parties and independants the right to compete.They get nothing even if they win their riding.The act of voting should not reward major political parties.

    I recognize that the fundraising rules are too strict when the subsidy is lifted but an increase to personal donation limits could fix it.

    As it stands now the easiest way for parties to raise money is to force an election. It is perverted to allow elections just because a political party needs a bit of cash for a new office or for a few perks for the executives of the party.

  2. Liberals love handouts and free things.

    How is this any different?

    Another welfare program with my money.

  3. Political parties are not charities or organs of government. They should be supported by their members.

  4. Actually, based on donations to political parties, the Conservative Party is the most taxpayer subsidized party. Harper doesn't want to get rid of all taxpayer subsidies--just the subsidy per vote. The opposition parties need to mention that Harper supports political donation taxpayer subsidies.

  5. People donating to any other party get exactly the same deal so it's hardly biased. Just because the Liberals can't get their members to send them money is not the fault or burden of the taxpayers.

  6. I am impressed with the left demands to taxpayers money as an entitlement.

    Rob Ford made it clear the City Managers to take a five per cent cut or else.

    Apparently the federal left parties think they are above a small cut from the tax payers trough.

    Good luck on the campaign trail selling that idea.

  7. Fair enough, no vote subsidy and also no tax credits or other tax incentives for political donations.

  8. Your position is a loser position with the voters. And the Conservatives raise more money than the Liberals not because they have the richest supporters but because they get more small donations. If a party can't raise enough money to support itself then I don't want it helping to run the country.

  9. I think that political parties should be more responsile to there voters if they get a major amount of there funds from there constituents it will make them want to to be more transparent. If they start getting money from individuals it will make political parties be more accountable to these individuals who donate the most.

  10. The Board of Internal Economy does not provide 100% disclosure. We complain our government does not provide enough information on a timely basis.

    The left believe in rewarding Politicians with taxpayers gravy train?

    Send a message remove "all susidies" demand full disclosure for MP's, riding associations etc.

    As I have said the left championing this idea "necessary for democracy" is the BEST things for the Conservatives.

    I look forward to voters asking about Pensions, Salary and other "perks" for the political class NEXT.

    The left are complaining about the vulnerable, the poor and the political class are not interested in taking a cut.

    Thank you.

  11. I think that Mp expenses should be 100% public, but I think that in order to make election fair that the politicians get there votes and funding by there voters and not allowing individuals who give a lot of money to political parties be the one's politicians are accountable to.


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