Thursday, January 06, 2011

Food Law In The U.S!

Obama has signed a food law bill that was the first major overhaul of food safety in the U.S all the way back since the 1930's were back then our food supplies weren't what they are today. This will now allow the Government to force re-calls of food if there is an out break, before a recall wasn't mandatory, but voluntary! The bill will make companies of food more accountable and reduce the risk of outbreaks which the U.S has faced in the last decade almost every year. The only problem with this bill is that it will cost 1.4 billion dollars. This is not a real problem considering that life and health is worth the 1.4 billion over five years, but rather the Republicans might say that the spending to expensive considering the deficit. I think if the Republicans want to cut 280 million a year because it cost too much I say there earmarks are 8 billion a year.  Although I think earmarks are okay I think that instead of putting the earmarks in legislation that have nothing to do with the earmarks. I think the U.S should have an earmark bill every year that is only for the use of earmarks to see how much every politicians spend on earmarks. Making earmarks more transparent. Anyways the Republicans I hope actually won't hit this piece of legislation to cut the 1.2 trillion dollar deficit. There are many other area's that should be cut like subsidies to fossil fuels.

The legislation gives the federal Food and Drug Administration the authority to impose new rules to prevent contamination and allows the agency to order, rather than simply suggest, the recall of tainted foods.
Hamburg told reporters Monday that she is optimistic Congress will provide the necessary resources to implement the bill's key provisions.

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