Monday, January 24, 2011

Giuliani in the race! Maybe!

Giuliani was in 2008 the front-runner for the Republican nomination, but the maybe crowd for this nomination is getting very big and Giuliani says he will consider running if more people join the race. At this rate  having 25 candidates that practically believe in the same issue will probably turn out that the candidate with more ads will win the election, but there are other more important factors. Iowa who ever wins this state is kind of like Given a ticket to be one of the last in the election to go for the nomination. So far Romney and Huckabee are battling for that state Giuliani on that hand didn't do well his best showing was Florida, but this year Florida might not move up it's primary date, so far Giuliani is going to have to win one of the first states in the election. Iowa is out, New Hampshire no way Romney is leading, Nevada Romney and Gingrich and South Carolina Well it is now a four way race so what's a  another fifth way race. With all these candidates the only one who is going to gain is Obama he won't have to spend money on that race he will just watch them fight each other, and fund raise money for his campaign, Not enough to win, but not enough maybe to win the white house.

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