Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 state of the Union adresse's

Usually you just get 2 addresses. The President then you get the opposite parties address this time you got Obama , The Republicans address and the Tea party address's. Obama's address was great to hear liked what he said he made no attempt to talk about increasing taxes except increasing taxes on the rich, but he only said that there tax cut couldn't stay permanent. He talked about how people who get a degree should be given the right to citizenship which i say is a good idea. He also said that immigrants children should be able to become citizens , as long as they have done some service to the country which is a great idea, but some people who illegal immigrated at a certain age should be deported I think.  The Tea party address was fun to watch saying that Obama should repeal almost everything he did in the first year. Anyways Obama promised he would veto any bill that has earmarks which is okay at cutting 8 billion dollars tops, but at least some Bipartisanship that I hope will stay with the President and the House and Senate. Odds are it won't , but never the less I think earmarks are okay as long as there is an earmarks bill and no earmarks are put in parts of important budget items.

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