Sunday, January 23, 2011

GOP Wants to Spend to Discriminate.

Many Republicans are just plane hypocrites. Many Republicans want to reestablish the don't ask don't tell policy. The Don't ask don't tell policy cost tax payers almost 200 million dollars over the past 6 years. The policy has been in place for more than a decade, and some Republicans want to increase the deficit in order to continue to discriminate against Homosexuals. It's stupid and silly for the so called less Gov party to take taxes from people who might like the same sex and use that money to discriminate against the same people they take the tax from. Then the scream and shout at Obama for increasing the deficit. The Republicans promised that they would cut the deficit, but so far some of there proposals would increase it. Like the Health care bill and reinstating don't ask don't tell.

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  1. "plain" hypocrites.

    Yes, they are.


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