Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tu Bishvat.

January 20 was Tu Bishvat. Tu Bishvat is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the birthday of the trees. This holiday today is celebrated in planting tree's in Israel , Eating food especially from Israel and the respect of the planet. Tu Bishvat celebrates the planet that G-d created and in the Jewish religion people are supposed to keep the planet that they were given in the same or better shape for the next generation. The whole idea is to keep the planet clean and not live at the expense of other generation. This holiday brings the right message telling us that we are given a planet (no matter if you believe in G-d or not) that will be inherited by the next generation. When the next generation looks at the world they got they should be given a planet that was treated well when it was used by the past generation.
"No generation has a freehold on this earth. All we have is a life tenancy with a full repairing lease" Margret Thatcher

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