Monday, January 31, 2011

Canadians Like Liberals

on their corporate tax stance. A Leger poll showed that 43% of Canadians want companies should pay more taxes and not less. Only 10% of people think that corporate tax rates should be lowered again. Liberals recognize the benefits of reducing corporate income tax, when we have the money to do so. It stimulates the economy, increases investment... But, the Government of Canada is presently running a deficit. We do not have the money to reduce corporate taxes right now. We don't have enough money to give away to large corporations. The Liberals will vote against this budget and rightly so. Corporate taxes should not be cut in our situation.


  1. If you truly think you should follow the advice of the 'average' Canadian, you should pledge to INCREASE the corporate tax rate, since that's what they seem to think it the best thing to do.

    If governments used polls like this to run our country we'd be in a whole load of trouble. People can't be expected to understand a long term policy decision such as this.

    Most people can't file their own basic income taxes without paying an accountant, how can they be expected to fully understand the reasons for corporate tax policy changes.

  2. The fact still stands that Canada can't afford to lower are already very low corprate tax rate we can't afford it and it doesn't really help the economy.

  3. With the end of stimulus spending the deficit will be down substantially this budget.

    What Canada can not afford is to let job creation stagnate or reverse which would be the result of the Liberal/NDP coalitions policies.

  4. Good thing the "coalition" red herring is a figment of Harper's imagination. Canadians do not buy the Tories' fairy tales.

    A better way to continue job creation would be extended stimulus, concentrating on green projects. It's not like Harper will ever do this though.

  5. Our corporate tax rate isn't already low. In fact, cutting it only puts us slightly above the OECD average ... that's hardly a stunning achievement. But here's what bothers me more: the way Ignatieff is selling this idea. I've listened to his rhetoric and to me he's making it sound like corporations are bad and taking their money is good. I'm a blue Liberal and for the last 12 months Ignatieff has been sounding more socialist than the NDP. Be careful, because I may choose to vote Conservative.


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