Sunday, January 16, 2011

President Huckabee. Not just yet!

In the race of 2012 which will start in less than a year. Who will face Obama in the next election. Huckabee is now seeming to be the rising star. With having an evanchelicol base, already well known for his last unsecssful caimpaign in 2008. Huckabee in the Primaries can finetly woo the prodominat right wing south. His net approval rating (approval minus disapproval) is the highest out of many of the other candidates. Huckabbe 30% Newt 24% Romney 23% Palin 22%. Altrhough the marging of error is 4%it still assures Huckabee can be a strong competator this time. Last time he was out of the running by super tuesday when Mccain smashed the competition. Huckabee former governor of arkansas still needs to be ab.le to get moderates to win the white house. Problem is in a national poll him against Obama poll finds he is behind 12%. 50% Obama 38% Hucakbee.  This poll came a surprise to me Obama approval rating went up in a month from 42% now 48% some even got at the 50% mark. This new Happy modd for Obama is probably coming from the new congress. Problem is the new congress isn't going to fix anything really.


  1. It's going to be Romney.

    Obama still wins.

  2. you need a spell checker

  3. I prefer Romney, but what's so bad about Huckabee? He couldn't be any worse that what you have now!


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