Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stopping the Filibuster.

The senate passed new rules that now make it harder to delay legislation. The new rules include that no senator can hold legislation from being voted on while being anonymous. Meaning that after 2 days the senator that stops a bill from being voted on will be published which will make it harder for some senators to stop legislation as they might get hit for stooping legislation that is popular. They passed rules that make it more difficult to force a bill be read allowed in full before voting on it. All this is small potatoes to what really needs to be done. The senate must stop senators from withholding legislation from being voted on, making it harder for a senator to talk forever to delay legislation by making them have to stand up and making the necessary amount of votes to pass legislation to a simple majority. This must be done if the U.S is ever going to be able in time of crisis be able to act quickly and easily.

Under the new rules, a senator's name will be published in the Congressional Record two days after the senator places a hold.
The Senate also overwhelmingly supported a measure that will make it harder to force a bill to be read aloud in the Senate chamber, so long as senators have had reasonable time in advance to review the text.

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