Thursday, January 20, 2011

Election fever.

With new ads out from the Conservatives I wonder how all the other parties will react. The NDP,Bloc and the Liberals all are against the ad no wonder. The fact is that these ads aren't going to really work, because the Liberals are still were they were in the polls as were they were in the last election. Calling out Ignatieff on a carbon tax and GST hikes both out of context and inaccurate, and used in the last election to stop people from voting Liberal in 2008 the Liberals will still get there same supporters and many people who voted Conservative last time just can't buy this again. This will just re-fuel the right wing base of the Conservative party. Harper's ads aren't really going to work in getting him a majority. Conservatives will realize there polling numbers won't go back to there 40% again and although no election will be called the ads will trigger some sort of anger with other parties, but  with these polling numbers an election could be as soon as this fall, but the Conservatives are really pushing for it now, and an election could be sooner than everyone thought.


  1. Taken out of context?????

    August 2006 = OTTAWA -- Canadians are ready for tough measures, including a controversial "carbon tax" to boost the cost of environmentally-unfriendly fuel, in order to deal with the escalating problem of climate change, Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff said Sunday.

    September 2009 - "I'm not going to take a GST hike off the table," Ignatieff added.

  2. Interesting how you call direct quotes out of context but than give Liberals David a free pass on demanding a vote in parliament for the PM sharing a personal opinion in some cases for captial punishment.

    If you read the comments on the CBC blog it attacks David and the Liberals for exactly what your are being critical of.

    The CBC and Globe posts are generally left and very left.

    Do the opposition cite position from sentences our PM from 1985 when he was part of NCC?

    After five years the "hidden agenda" keeps getting replayed.

    The voter suppression strategy and fear mongering did not work in 2006 and 2008.

    Voters, donors are not scared and the numbers in General election reflect that reality.

    What do you think the reason why Liberals are losing donors and votes?

    right wing Media, RCMP?

  3. sill Klikking your lips, eh, CanadianSpam? Get a life.

  4. The trolls have been told to get on blogs etc to write what they can and they are beginning to sound like the CBC letters, Globe and mail, ad nausea.

  5. Could people stop calling other commentators trolls or Con bots. They are just expressing there opinions leave them alone.

  6. I think that the point of the attack ads is to mobilize the base; both to drum up donations and ensure that the core of 30-odd% are motivated to vote.


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