Friday, January 21, 2011

Illegal Conservative Ads

Not only are the new Conservative ads unethical and lying, they are also illegal. Their new attack ads, while blowing things out of proportion and using out-of-context statements, also use file footage from CBC. The Tories did not ask permission to use the video. It's a requisite for the CBC to not provide this footage for political use.

Yet the Conservatives think that it is fair to use this footage without even having the decency to make a request. This kind of arrogance should not be tolerated. They are not entitled to use anything for the lies of attack ads they broadcast. The ads will backfire.
The CBC is demanding the Conservatives withdraw file footage from the national broadcaster that appears in new Tory ads targeting their political opponents.
Read more at the Globe and Mail. 
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  1. Funny how things are considered "out of context" when they are Ignatieff's own words.

    The CBC is subsidized by the tax payers (their bosses) of which I am one. So I say it's okay for the Tories to use such footage.

    You, also as a tax payer, may object. However, if the Liberal party accepts that we can subsidize political parties, even the ones that want to destroy our country's unity, then there is hardly a problem with them using comething from a state broadcaster.

  2. Wow it is funny how deeply ignorant these "Anonymous" commentators can be! One wonders whether one should even take the time to correct such ignorance. But I guess one must.

    Anonymous - just so you know-
    The meaning for the phrase "Out of context" means precisely this - to take someone's own words but use them in such a way that their meaning is obfuscated or easily misconstrued. THAT"S WHAT IT MEANS! If they were not "his own words" as you say then you couldn't use the phrase "out of context!" !!!!!!!

    As for Anonymous' other comment - he/she fails to understand that what he/she thinks should be right might not be legal. And just because a broadcaster is subsidized by the State does not mean that the State has a legal Carte Blanche to use that broadcaster in any way they want. If you don't understand this, then your knowledge of law is as tenuous as your knowledge of syntax and the use of idioms.

  3. kirbycairo, I don't disagree with your comment, but feel that there's a great distinction to be made. True, the state doesn't have the right to use the CBC's property in any way it wants - here, however, we are talking not of the state, but of the Conservative Party.

    In writing that the "CBC is subsidized by the tax payers [sic] (their bosses) of which I am one. So I say it's okay for the Tories to use such footage", Anonymous has come out in support of copyright violation. This by a party that claims the Law and Order mantle.

    Must add that by the same logic a political party could, say, grab a few Emily Carrs from the National Gallery, commandeer a municipal bus for use during an election campaign or set up shop in the local post office.

  4. The F35 one fails to mention that it was the Liberals who signed us into that program back in 2002. Most Canadians remember the arrogance of Chretien's cancelled helicopter contract so I doubt it will get much traction.

  5. Ah, yes, because "program" is a synonym of "purchase".

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  6. Just like Afghanistan, the Liberals commit Canada to a course of action then flip flop away when there might be a vote to be had.
    We're already $168 million into this program and that's returned more than $350 million in contracts. I don't know if that's enough to pay for the penalties if Iggy breaks the contract though.

  7. Oh, goodness, the Liberal government made a commitment to a program that brought a return of close to $200 million, it did not make a commitment to purchase the final product.

    What any of this has to do with CPC copyright violations I do not know.


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