Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stop the Filibuster!

In the U.S the system to pass a bill is as confusing as it is difficult. It may sound easy on paper just make a bill, propose it to the Senate or House, then have a committee vote on it, Then wait for it to appear on the floor, and it has to pass, Then it goes to the opposite body and they like to make some changes, Then it goes back to the body were it came from to either make new changes or pass it, After both bodies pass the same piece of legislation then it has to go to the president to either sign or veto. If the president sign's it the bill is then a law unless the supreme court says it unconstitutional. If the president veto's then the bill has to go back to the chamber and either the bill passes in both chambers with 2/3 of the vote or it dies. The problem today is that passing bills are very hard to do. The major problem comes from the Senate. In order for the Senate to pass a bill it needs 60 senators I say destroy that and make it 51 like the House. Then also try to limit filibusters by stooping the ability of one senator ( who can remain anonymous) to hold a bill from arriving to the floor. The senate needs to be changed. The longer the Senate waits to reform itself the harder it will be for it to be able to do it in the future. Unless reform is done now the Senate will not be able to move as fast as it could be and make major reforms and major actions take so much longer then needed.

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