Friday, January 21, 2011

New Liberal Ads

The Liberals have launched new ads to counteract those of the Conservatives. These ones concentrate on attack Stephen Harper's policy and not personal affairs. The Tories like to attack Michael Ignatieff personally and not the Liberal policy. Unfortunately, too much of this and they might backfire. The Conservatives launch personal attacks because they cannot attack the Liberal policy properly.

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  1. They don't attack Harper personally? "Is this your Canada or Harper's" is not an attack of Harper? I can't believe how Liberals try to spin things to make themselves look good. And let's look at what the ads are saying.

    1. F-35 Jets - Who signed on to the program in the first place? Liberals
    2. Corporate Tax Cuts - Didn't Ignatieff say a year or so ago that Liberals would cut Corporate Taxes even more?

  2. Totally lame ads. What, were these a Grade 6 school project or something?


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