Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Limits on CSIS are Good

I agree with Ignatieff when he says that the limits put on CSIS when combatting terrorism. These agencies should not be able to invade our personal freedoms. The intelligence agency should not be able to do all it wants. If there were no limits, CSIS would probably torture people for information and listen in to our private conversations. Ignatieff is right about this one. Our freedom must be protected and that's why there are so many limits on what CSIS can do.
“I’ll just say this: I’m proud of our Charter, I’m proud of our courts. I’m proud of the fact that there are limits on what agencies and our government can do,” Ignatieff said. “That’s always been our position. We’re a country of freedom. We’re a country of democracy.”
Read more at the Toronto Star.
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  1. "If there were no limits, CSIS would probably torture people for information"

    Ignatieff endorsed torture as a means of getting information and now he supports court ruling that criminalize Canadian police and CSIS if they act on info they even suspect may have come from torture. So if we have info that someone is coming to YOUR house to kill you but we suspect the info came as a result of torture we are barred from acting on that info. I'm sure you will die happily, though, in your moral superiority.

  2. Yeah, but anyone can be a terrorist. Even you!


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