Friday, December 17, 2010

2010: Not a Good Year for the Tories

Nor the Liberals. Or the Bloc, NDP and Green Party. In fact, the political landscape hasn't really changed that much. But one thing is for sure: the Harper government continued to make bad policies. It started with proroguing Parliament to get away from the Afghan detainee scandal under the excuse of having to "recalibrate" its agenda. This year has been marked by far by wastes of money: the double summit in Toronto, the F-35 contract, pork-barrel spending and continued tax cuts to wealthy corporations. This is not counting the billions of dollars spent on being "tough on crime" which really increases the chance for repeat offenders. Because of the landscape not changing, I predict the next election being in 2012.
OTTAWA — The past year in Parliament was dominated by "empty rhetoric and wasteful spending" from the Conservative government, according to the Liberals who said Wednesday their party will be a clear and compelling alternative in the next election.
At a news conference called to review the past year in federal politics, Liberal deputy leader Ralph Goodale and house leader David McGuinty laid heaps of blame on the Conservatives and accused them of ignoring the priorities of Canadians.
Read more at the Calgary Herald.

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