Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tories Continue War Against Gun Control

The Tories have once again continued their war against gun control, secretly this time. They quietly delayed implementation of gun tracing legislation that police say is vital to trace guns used in crimes. The former Liberal government was going to implement this legislation in April 2006, but the Conservatives delayed the regulations not once or even twice, but three times! These regulations are now delayed until December. The law would require firearms to have a marking that indicates the origin of the gum and the year it was imported. It`s not even an inconvenient type of gun control. I don`t really see how engraving this information on a gun can actually hurt anyone. It helps police be more efficient and solve crimes.
The Harper government has once again delayed implementation of regulations that police say they need to quickly trace guns used in crimes.
The government quietly posted a notice last Tuesday — one day before the firearms marking regulations were to have come into force — disclosing that implementation has been postponed until Dec. 1, 2012.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. Gun control is bad! It should be obligatory to have a gun in the house.

  2. $2 billion spent and only half of Canada's guns registered. Rules of diminishing returns says that more and more will need to be spent with less and less result.
    The PAL/FAC system tracked serial numbers and was popular even with the shooting community. Should have left well enough alone.

  3. Actually, most of the cost for Canada's firearms program comes from licensing. The whole program only costs sixty million annually. The total cost of registering all firearms is 11 million annually. I think it's a fair price to pay for a safer Canada.

  4. You're expecting Ridofbrain to know something besides the talking points that were pinned to his shirt at the end of his CPC meeting?

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  6. Let me get this straight, twenty years ago 14 unarmed women were killed by an armed nut job.

    Folks want to commemorate it by doing their best to disarm the rest of us.

    Think this kind of leftist thinking will result in a lot more than 14 deaths. The women died because they were defenseless.

  7. Oh ya, let's have students carrying guns in school because everyone knows THATS a good idea. What type of wacko are you? Even gun fanatics in the U.S. would think thats a terrible idea.


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