Saturday, December 18, 2010

Republicans: Stimulus No! 850 Billion on Tax Cuts Yes!

The Republicans when Obama came to office opposed the legalisation to put 900 billion dollars into the economy a cost that was a one time government spending. Meaning that the cost of the stimulus would end in 1-2 years. The Republicans are opposed increasing the deficit by 900 billion. Which could sound reasonable, but When they all of a sudden support a tax bill that would increase the deficit by 850 and they said would like to keep permanent just doesn't make any sense. There not okay with 900 billion for the economy, because of the deficit, but almost the same amount of money on tax cuts that didn't work to help the economy and put the U.S back in deficit is perfectly fine.Here is the Republicans idea: spending a one time 900 billion that will leave in 1-2 years is a no-no as it would increase the deficit. Spending extra 850 billion for tax cuts that they would like to stay permanent. Now you might say that the deal would extend Bush Tax cuts only for 2 years. Yeah, but would Republicans want to increase taxes. In fact many Republican wanted to make all Bush Taxes permanent. The Republicans aren't against spending there just against the spending that helps the economy and that will end and go off the deficit. They want spending that will keep the country in deficit forever and eventually cause taxes to increase just to pay off the interest on the debt. This is the Republican ideology.


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  3. Obama found an honourable (or honorable in his case) compromise. That's what politics is about. He's making things work on the hill and he is quite proud of this accomplishment. And he should be too. Its the same as how Ignatieff has supported many pieces of Harper/Conservative legislation to make things work for him. Good for him. I know he has recently signalled that cooperation might come to an end in order to force an election. I understand that, but I'm a bit disappointed by it too. I would love to see a Harper/Ignatieff coalition after the next election because I think they have enough in common to make it work but enough differences to balance each other out. And I think the public would see it as making much more sense than partnering with the socialists and separatists. Obama and Ignatieff are engaged in cooperation to make things work, and good on them!

  4. Cooperation? LOL... It's funny, but it seems it's always the moderate centrists that "cooperate". Conservatives/Republicans/Reformers don't ever give any quarter. They pontificate, change stats (even try to extinguish stats in the case of StatsCan), use their Big Media leverage, lobby, and do anything they can to ensure they don't waver on any idea. They haven't wavered on one single matter on the Hill - OR in DC. Cooperation involves finding the middle ground. That isn't what's happening.

    Funny thing is, Cons only seem to know tax cuts as an answer to everything. Now-a-days they are claiming that tax-cuts will help stimulate the economy. Sure. The cuts will help some very rich Americans get richer (the one percent who control 95% of the wealth - and who have "off-shored" most of their factory's production a'la Walmart), while the middle class get poorer.

    Cons don't understand one simple economic fact in this global economy: you can't compete with 2cents/hr labor - no matter how much you cut taxes. And... the more you cut taxes, the more your infrastructure suffers, and the more you lose out on foreign investment. Manufacturing jobs will not come back to the USA or Canada in our lifetimes. Beyond Asia is Africa and South America. The pools of poor labor around the world is too large. The only way for the Americas to go is the route of increased investment in research and development, education, and working closely with the rest of the world to provide the expertise they need to develop (there's money in that), rather than burning bridges...

  5. Obama isn't a conservative, he's very, very left wing. And he even thinks raising taxes during a recession is a dumb idea - because it is. Obama and Ignatieff have been doing the right thing in cooperating!


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