Friday, December 10, 2010

New EKOS Poll

A new EKOS poll has come out confirming the same thing we have been seeing for the past few months: Conservatives with 33%, Liberals with 29%. This would probably give the Conservatives a narrow minority. Only 39.9% of people felt the government was going in the right direction. This poll continues to show the deadlock in Canadian politics. With five major parties, I think the votes will be split enough to ensure that there won't be majority governments for a long time. An interesting part of the poll showed that if only youths under 25 voted, the Green Party would get a whopping 34.8% support! The Liberals are in second place with 20.9%. The problem is youths don't vote in great numbers. It will only be a good thing if progressives can get young people to vote. This will mean more trouble for the Conservatives.

Read more at CBC.
EKOS Dec. 9 2010                                                                                                                            


  1. Quel suprise; once again, when the other polling companies show one thing, EKOS and Frank Graves comes charging to the rescue with another outlier.

    And SOCIAL issues rating higher than ECONOMIC issues?

    Yeah, right.

  2. It is a large sample but the Numbers in Atlantic Canada are simply wrong. 58% L vs 20
    % C. ?? This is garbage.

    I do not know if this should disqualify the rest of the numbers but it will at least skew the national numbers a couple of points at least.

  3. Those Atlantic Canada numbers are unbelievable. If those were more realistic you would see about three points knocked off the Liberal national numbers and three added to the Conservative national numbers. And that would put this poll more in line with the other recent polls.

  4. How do you know that EKOS is not biased. They might have themselves participated in the poll.
    Sources: My Brain


  6. I have always seen these mathematical errors on ekos and this one has a few. In Ontario how can Liberals get 34.4% if in men they have 34.3% and women 33.1%.Conservatives in men and women get higher than 35% and they only get 35%. In the Atlantics the results are just crazy, because if you check the age group and the gender you will see no one voted Liberal more than 50% so how do the Liberals get 58%. The Conservatives in every single age group and gender they have above 20% yet in total they only have 20% in the Atlantics.

  7. They were not mathematical errors, they were typos. If you go to the updated version, it will all be sorted out. Support remains the same for all parties.


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