Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Lottery Of Life

There are many people in the world some are luckier then others. In fact I think many people should appreciate how lucky they are. In fact if you were living in the U.S in the projects it would be like winning a lottery. You are one of the luckiest people in the world in fact. Why you might ask? See not everyone can be born in the great Projects of the U.S. In fact it's kind of like a lottery. The lottery of life. See we don't decide were we are born. Every day 360,000 children are born in the world. If you were born in the projects of the U.S you would be very lucky person compared to the kid who was born in Ethiopia , the kid born in India or the kid born in Bangladesh. If let's say you could have a second chance at the lottery of life were would you be born? Odds are you would be born in a country not like your own. In facts odds are you won't be born in the great projects of the U.S and instead in the slums in India with no Government assistance. This brings a whole new definition to "someone else always has it worse", So if you could be born somewhere else where would you be born. Click here
I am sure you will be very thankful of living in this free democratic fair country of Canada, and appreciate how great you have it even if you live in the projects.

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