Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Harper out of his Mind?

What is Stephen Harper saying? At a press conference, he said that his government would support any binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. He also called for countries who aren't interested in coming to an agreement, to discuss with the others. This group would include Canada. The Conservatives don't care for climate change. I do not understand how Harper can say this, as if he cares for a binding agreement. Canada is one of the countries that does the most to obstruct these talks. Last year, we got multiple fossil of the day awards, given to the countries that do the most to stop progress on coming to an agreement and the Colossal Fossil award. Unless Harper is about to do an about-face on this issue, which would be a pleasant, but very unlikely surprise, I do not know how he can say this with a straight face. Oh yeah, he cannot.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, pictured at an event in Nova Scotia on Friday, says he wants to see the world achieve a legally binding agreement to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (CBC)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada would support a binding international agreement to reduce greenhouse gases.
 Read more at CBC.
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  1. Yes he would support such a deal as he always has - a deal that INCLUDES THE OTHER HARSH EMITTERS.

  2. Just because you type it in caps Anonymous doesnt make that statement any less bollocks! He's just paying lip service and you arent bright enough to see that.

  3. Please don't tell me you don't know that Harper lies his ass off. He can say anything about emissions reductions so long as Republicans control the House of Representatives. They plan on blocking any U.S. deal and Harper will happily hide behind them.


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