Friday, December 24, 2010

Lame Duck session a sucess?

It seems to me like more things got done in the past two months than got done in the last year. Don't ask don't tell was repealed, the start treaty was signed, the tax cut extensions were passed and a 9/11 health care bill passed. This you could think is some sort of a success in a lame duck session, but wait the real lame duck session is about to happen when congress comes back. With an overweeningly republican House and a weak democratic lead in the senate. Republicans have the upper hand here,and this so called bipartisanship I guess it will have to continue. Obama has nothing to argue with, because now he needs tremendous amount of compromise. He can't pass a bill in the senate without having 7 Republicans vote with them. This is assuming Obama gets all his senators to support him. In the house 25 Republicans need to go along. Republicans are really good at joining together and voting together, so 25 may sound simple, but Obama may not even get one without the support of the leader of he house or senate. This isn't good at all. With the Republicans controlling the House and Senate and with the need to compromise or nothing gets done Obama's agenda will be pushed hard towards the right. Meaning no clear plan on climate change, deficit cutting will be very hard to pass and the U.S could start to move backwards when it comes to the environment and a sustainable economy.
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  1. So far, the Republicans have demonstrated more support for a sustainable economy than Obama. Obama plans on running deficits for a VERY, VERY long time - that's not sustainable ... but it is typical of the far left.


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