Thursday, December 09, 2010

Australia names a Forest after Jean Charest

Well, at least people like Jean Charest on the other side of the world.. In Australia, a forest outside of Adelaide is to be named the Jean Charest urban forest. He has won an annual prize given by the state of Southern Australia. Apparently, the decision to name the forest after Quebec's premier was unanimous. Charest received the prize based on Quebec's reduction of GHGs and Charest's "leadership." It's true that the Quebec's emissions did go down about one percent. But, some policies of the Quebec Liberals go against their pledge to reduce emissions. The MTQ plan to redesign the Turcot is one example of this brainless policy. The Quebec Liberals need to act on their pledge.

CANCUN, Mexico — While Canada is being raked over the coals at the UN Climate Summit, Quebec is picking up accolades: a forest in Australia is being named for the province's premier.
The Jean Charest urban forest, on the outskirts of Adelaide, is to highlight the premier's commitment to fighting climate change.
Read more at CTV. 

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  1. The City of Montreal's proposal for the Turcot interchange would have been a disaster. All I can say is that thank goodness the Quebec Liberals changed it! Maybe there could have been a better third alternative but the Quebec government proposal was far superior to the City of Montreal's.


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