Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tar Sands Need to be Checked.

A new report showed that the Tar sands haven't really been checked on what it is doing. The Tar sands in Alberta has been seen the most dirties oil in the world. This is true! The oil sands aren't being monitored, and they should be. We can't just give oil companies a free licence to do whatever they want like Stephen Harper does. I am not saying that the tar sands should be destroyed. Absolutely not, but I say that if we use the this resource we should put to good use. First mandatory monitoring on the Oil sands, and enforce changes on the oil sands that must be complied with. Next insure that any new development in the oil sands have to be done clean and environmentally friendly, but of course the oil sands will never be truly green. That doesn't mean we should destroy the whole industry. What we need to do is that considering many countries need and run on our oil, so we tell countries who want our great oil resource that they need to ensure us that they will have some sort of plan to reduce there oil demand. Considering our oil has so  much influence let's use it for a force of good to make everyone else reduce there oil consumption. Last enforce a carbon tax to reduce our oil consumption.


  1. There should regulations of the highest order on the Tar Sands. As for Harper, well, him and his friends can't wait to start digging up the Arctic!

  2. 'The Tar sands in Alberta has been seen the most dirties oil in the world. This is true!'

    Actually, it is not true.
    There are oilsands in 72 countries in the world,
    and the oilsands extraction in California is dirtier than in Alberta.

    But don't let the facts get in your way.


  3. I guess it escapes your notice that the Oil sands do not belong to Canada they belong to Alberta? Natural Resources are a provincial responsibility and the Feds have no business stuffing their noses in it...again.


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