Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ooh Glen Beck.

Glen beck a commentator who gives his rather colorful opinions on the air to the U.S. Him like much of Fox News's reporting report stuff that make absolutely no sense and with no facts. I think Glen Beck makes up a lot of his stuff. In fact Fareed Zakaria took Beck's idea's to the test. Needless to say Glen Beck's arguments didn't hold any water what so ever. He said that 10% of all Muslims in the world are terrorist. This may be easy for Beck to say, but is it true? Fareed Zakaria did something Beck probably doesn't do very often. He did the math saying that there are 1.57 trillion Muslims in the world If 10% are terrorist that means that there are 157 million Muslims terrorist. Which by the way is half the population in the U.S. Fareed than showed that there was only 11,000 terrorist attacks in the world. He even said that for every terrorist attack it took 100 people to make it so in total there are 1.1 million terrorist. Now not all terrorist are Muslim in fact Muslims terrorist attacks are one of the least active terrorist attack in the U.S and Europe, but to be greenest to Glen Back let's say all of them are Muslim. That would mean that 146 million Muslim terrorist aren't active. Only 1 in every 150 terrorist are active. That sounds way to far fetch. Glen Beck makes his numbers from thin air and has no fact to support him. I am glad we have people on what some might call the "left wing media" actually look at facts.

watch Fareed Zakaria here 


  1. Maybe you should do some math as well 1.57 trillion? There are only 6,5 billion people on Earth. Beck and others aren't saying they are all active terorists but supporteres of violent jihad. So such people give money and succour to the enemy.
    Here are the poll numbers which you neglect to mention ( and have been replicated).

  2. Obviously "trillion" was a typo, and it was meant to be 'billion.' And the idea that that many people are 'terrorists' is simply absurd. Furthermore, given the number of Westerners who have actively been in the Middle-East as soldiers as well as operatives who actively undermine democracy and support dictatorships in the region, we can safely say that from the average Middle-Easterner's point of view the number of 'Christian' terrorists is in the many millions. (The Blackwater mercenaires alone is in the tens of thousands)

    But that example is a pretty basic one when it comes to the remarkable fabrications of Glenn Beck. He is just a mouthpiece of US militarism and economic colonialism and has absolutely no interest in any kind of truth.

  3. Pretty rich getting scolded on spellink from Dr Roy. Spellcheckers were invented after reading his writink.

  4. Gene Rayburn People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and doctor Roy not all muslims believe in terrorism and not even that much to say the least. Glen Beck said that 10% of all muslims are terrorist. That is not true. the definition of terrorism is acording to dictionairy.com "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes." 10% of muslims do not go into this definition.

  5. Maybe vanillaman should use the spell-check too. It's spelled, dictionary. But that is besides the point.

    Glenn Beck is a prime example of the dangerous use of exaggeration. He starts walking and ends up on a slippery slope. And it never ends.


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