Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Redistricting the U.S

Redistricting is a process that happens every 10 years after the census report. This is the problem most of the states that grew or that lost have a Republican governor or a Republican house or both means that this could be a problem for the democrats at least in the short term. See historically in the past few decades states that are up north are losing population or are growing less then the average of the country while states in the south with the major exception of Louisiana are growing population. Texas grew 4 new congressional seats this year that is a big boost now Texas will have 38 electoral votes 4 more than last year. that means in a election a Republican would get 4 more electoral votes for him. this is of course a gain for the republicans. See because if your party controls the state senate and house than you can change how the map looks like knowing where people live. Meaning in a district that is 50/50 Democrats and Republicans you can actually put in that district a bunch of more democrats from other district that are leaning towards the Democrats and for the price of not getting one seats you can get 4 more seats to vote Republican as there Democratic population was all shoved into one district. If the Republicans are the governors of this state they can veto any new map that a democratic house and senate passed. The Republicans will benefit from this in the next election and probably the election after that, but I think by 2016 it will all blow up in there faces. See if people are moving from the northern states that tend to be Democratic territory and go to south states like Georgia and Texas and of course Florida than those states are going to be more leaning towards the left. In Texas especially there Hispanic population is growing and Hispanic people tend to vote at least right now for the Democrats , So in Texas where Hispanic population and Democratic population is growing I can say that by 2016 Texas could be the new swing state that will decide the election.

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