Saturday, December 25, 2010

2012 Predictions.

In 2012 it may be to early to predict the presidential election, but there is one problem.  The senate will be the real problem. First the Democrats only have 51 senators and 2 independents that support there party. This means in order for the Republicans only need to pick up 4 seats to claim a majority in the senate. In the the next election out of the 33 Senate seats that are up in the election 23 Senate seat are held by democrats only 10 are held by Republicans. With a possibly somewhat not as popular as they were in 2008 mode on the Democrats Republicans will have an easy time grabbing the senate. They already have the House and odds are they will keep it in 2012. Meaning a Republican president would control all 3 chambers, and have the supreme court still undercontrol by Republican president nominees. Even if Obama does win reelection there is no way he will keep the senate or grab the House back, but if he stays one more term he could appoint one justice to the supreme court and make the supreme court have more democrats appointed in the court than Republicans. Democrats woun't have a great 2012 even if they relect Obama the senate will turn red alomst for sure, and the Republicans will keep the majority of the house.

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  1. The Senate will go GOP and the dems have little hope of retaking the house. I am not sure if bo will win. So far I don't see a strong GOP alternative. I will be at CPAC in a few weeks to listen to the GOP hopefuls. bo will be doing his re election chnaces a big boost if he continues to shift more to the center and co operate with the GOP.


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