Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I found this petition at Let Freedom Rain. It calls for Stephen Harper to raise funding for the CBC to forty dollars for every citizen, as recommended by the committee for Canadian Heritage. The CBC is a true Canadian channel that runs Canadian shows promoting Canadian culture. It is important to keep it afloat. With the culture war from the Tories, always blaming and bashing the CBC. With Sun Media and its parent company, Quebecor Media going out of its way to attack CBC, we need more support for our national broadcaster. Please add your name to the petition below.








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  1. Is this a joke??

  2. I don't like the cbc one bit. Why should I be forced to support an organization that is leftist and openly sides with the grits. It is unfair that the cbc receives over 1 billion in government funding and competes with private broadcasters. Let the cbc become like pbs or TVO and raise money from those who want to watch their programs or listen to their radio stations and let the majority of Canadians who don't watch or listen or watch the cbc have choice.

  3. THIS is exactly why I will NEVER suppport the CBC in it's current state -

    Out of all the parties in Parliament - the NDP, Bloc, and Tories - only the Liberals refused to vote to support investigating how the CBC, a broadcaster which is subsidized by taxes, releases and at times refuses to reveal information to the public after FOI requests. The CBC even investigates itself as to wether they are biased or not. What a joke.

    The Liberals and the CBC. What a shock.

  4. And it is such a laugh that there are people who whine that they would be getting SUN TV as part of their cable package, yet at the same time, have no trouble supporting a state run, tax funded news network.

    The difference is those people can always change cable companies to register their displeasure if they don't want SUN TV as part of their cable package. I have to support the CBC with my taxes no matter how crappy their programming is or how blatantly biased they are. Even when I refuse to watch or listen to it, I STILL have to pay; I don't get an option to "cancel" by withholding that portion of my taxes.

  5. With the culture war from the Tories, always blaming and bashing the CBC.

    LOL How ironic, considering it was Frank Graves, the head of a polling company commissioned by (ta da!!!) the CBC who stated that the Liberals should invoke a culture war in an effort to use wedge politics to get out of their slump.

    Yes. "Culture war" indeed.


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