Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Budget 2011!

The 2011 budget is suppose to have a corporate tax cut in it. The Liberals good for them are going to vote down this budget, the NDP are against the corprate tax, but are open to support the budget as long as some provisions are added. Like elimanating a sales tax on heating and incxraesing the garenteed supplement for seniors. Stephen Harper might fold and just give the NDP what they want to stop an ele ction. Any ways the Bloc aren't cheaper to buy off they want 5 Billion dollars for Quebec that would be political suicide for his supporters in any other part of the country even including Quebec considering Quebec still doesn't like Harper. Harper has to choose between a rock and a rough place. Either call an election that everyone in the coutry would hate or get support from what the Stephen Harper calls the "socialist" Party to help his Goverment out. I want an election now! Even if the Conservatives get another minority goverment I will still be happy as Harper can't put another budget with a corprate tax cut that no party supports, and then again there is always the hope that a coalition will come. I would chose a coalition goverment of the Liberal-NDP-Bloc over Harper's lousy goverment any day, Although I would much rather prefer a Liberal majority Goverment.
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  1. Fact: the 2011 budget will not have a corporate cut in it.
    Fact: the corporate tax cut that will take place this year is enabled by legislation passed a few years ago.
    Fact: the NDP and Bloc Quebecois turn out to vote against the legislation that allowed these tax cuts, Liberals did not which is why the legislation passed.
    Fact: the tax cuts are simply the implementation of the original Chretien plan to bring corporate taxes to about average compared to other industrialized countries.

    So your reasoning is flawed. There will be no corporate tax cut in the budget and an election will not eliminate the corporate tax cut. Legislation was passed YEARS ago to put this in place.

  2. the fact is that Canada's corprate tax is one of the lowest in the indutrialized world much lower than are biggest trading partner The U.S. which makes it crazy to continue lowering are already low corprate tax. I say no tax cuts for big corporations that can afford it and are getting a treat with Canada's very low tax rate. So the original Chretien plan was achieved there is no use lowering are taxes any more when they are already low.

  3. Fact: in 2007, when the tax cuts were passed, we did not have a deficit.
    Fact: in times of surplus, it makes sense to lower corporate tax rates.
    Fact: in times of deficit, it does not.
    Fact: Liberals recognize the virtues of lowering corporate tax rates, when we have the money.

    Now is the time to raise corporate taxes. When Canada has enough money to lower taxes, then by all means, go ahead.

  4. Our corporate taxes are not one of the lowest in the industrialized world. Where on earth did you get that? After the tax cuts we'll be about average. And your post still says, "The 2011 budget is suppose to have a corporate tax cut in it." That is also factually incorrect. You do have a position that can be sold, but try selling it with the truth not lies.

  5. Canada's corporate taxes are the 2nd lowest in the G8. Look it up Anon. Had to post to this blatant Con talking point...

  6. If you define the G8 as the industrialize world then you truly live in a small world.

  7. Corporations are a form of business ownership that differs from a proprietorship in that the owners personal funds are shielded from lawsuits. I have incorporated my business for that reason.

    I have 2 employees and we currently post a monthly gross profit of $1200.00 CAD. These tax cuts ensure that I can grow my business by training new employees at my expense. Our economy is fueled by small businesses such as mine.

    Your leftist ignorance of "big" corporations is eclipsed only by your ignorance of basic economics.

  8. I'm the same Anon. as above. However, you're blowing smoke David. There is a special corporate tax rate for small businesses like yours and that rate is neither being lowered nor raised. The factually incorrect information out there on this is mind boggling.

  9. So you believe that in times of surplus we should lower corporate taxes and in times of deficits we should raise corporate taxes. What type of fiscal policy is that? The instability alone of such a policy would scare businesses away. Bizarre.


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