Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Boycotting the Tar Sands

A small town from Washington state has decided to stop using the Canadian tar sands for their transportation needs. Good for them. They have stood up for the environment and their future. Even though this action won't make a big difference alone, this can go to show that there are people who won't tolerate the enormous destruction of the environment that the tar sands promote. The tar sands will never be green and it's a waste of money to invest in Carbon Capture and Storage: it doesn't work. What we need is a carbon tax on polluters. The money gained can then be used to reduce taxes. It makes polluters pay so that Canadians win.
A small, environmentally conscious town in upstate Washington has moved one step closer in its bid to stop using fossil fuels derived from the Alberta oilsands for its transportation needs.
City councillors in Bellingham, Wash., on Tuesday voted unanimously in favour of a motion calling on the city "to identify ways to shift operations and consumption away from fossil fuelled transportation and specifically high-carbon based Canadian tarsands."
 Read more at CBC.


  1. I'd say the Oil Sands are looking pretty good right now compared to more deep ocean drilling!

  2. Considering the events going on in the Gulf of Mexico I'd say their actions are incredibly short sighted. I bet they're happy their community doesn't have to rely on beaches or shrimp fishing to support their economy.

    They can send in more troops and bombs so they can secure the use of "cleaner" oil from other world hotspot sources.

    Good for them indeed!

  3. No oil is good, but the tar sands are especially bad.

  4. Read the post people! The town is shifting away from fossil fuel based transportation, period. We are running out of easy oil and deep drilling and tar sands are not the answer. Wisely, this town has recognized that.


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