Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Merger is Bad

Lysiane Gagon also thinks that a merger between the Liberals and the NDP is bad. A merger would happen based on the idea that with both parties' votes put together, it would be much easier to win a majority government. However, there is one factor left out of the calculation. By leaving the centre of Canadian politics to move to the left, there would be a lot of voters going to the Conservative party. It would never be a two choice decision anyway; the Bloc and the Green party would still get about 20% of the popular vote combined. The centre must be occupied by a political party and it is the Liberal party. I still do not like the idea of a two party state. The world isn't black and white.

Even though both Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton have officially rejected it, the idea of a coalition between the Liberal Party and the NDP is still in the air. Former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow is promoting a merger, with the support of former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien and some influential Liberal activists who believe this to be the only way to beat the Conservatives
Read more at the Globe and Mail.


  1. While it seems clear that Ignatieff has rejected it it is equally clear that he won't be leader for much longer. The pro merger crowd is looking beyond Iggy and considering the option with the next leader.

  2. That column by Gagnon has so many errors in it, i wrote to the Globe's editors to complain about it. She either has no clue how our parliamentary system works, or else she does, but doesn't give a damn. I normally don't mind her columns, but this one is so misleading and factually wrong on so many levels, it should never have been published.


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