Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ignorant Ignatieff

Once again, Ignatieff shows ignorance on the tar sands. He continues to say that the polluting source for oil can be sustainable and can reduce its emissions. The tar sands will never be able to become sustainable. It just takes so much force to harvest the oil. If we are not going to shut down the tar sands, then we should at least benefit from their existence. That's what a carbon tax does. We use the money gained to lower income tax. That would make sure that the polluters pay and Canadians gain. The bitumen sands are not a clean source of oil nor will they ever be. While it might be possible for the tar sands to reduce their carbon footprint, it will still be enormous. The only thing we can do is make sure we get rich of this oil instead of the companies getting rich.
Ignatieff said the oilsands provide a great benefit for the entire country and will continue to do so in the future.
"We're going to be in a hydrocarbon future for a long time," said Ignatieff.
"The key thing is to make it sustainable -- to create an industry that has great working conditions for the people in it, that drives down excessive use of water and that gets CO2 under control."
Read more at the Calgary Herald.


  1. He is trying to get the votes from out west and he's doing what he has to to get them.

    It's time for us to face some realities. Canadians just aren't as green as we may like them to be. Too inconvenient. The Greens' continued failure to win a seat and 2008 election results have proved this much.

    Since governments and parties are owned by big oil, we're not being rid of our dependence any time soon. I guess now it can be played as the tar sands are far less evil than offshore drilling, given the tragedy on the Gulf of Mexico

  2. However, I think carbon taxes are going to somehow become a reality in the not so distant future.

  3. Happy Wanderer obviously doesn't get politics.

  4. Ignatieff has already come out against a carbon tax, so you're barking up the wrong tree on that one. And what's wrong with him saying that the oil sands can be much more environmentally friendly? I think its possible, as soon as we develop the right technology. Ignatieff has the foresight and vision on this topic and its attitudes like his that are going to help us win back the west!

  5. CK many Canadians are green. The Green party although did not get a seat in 2008 they were the only major party to actualy gain more votes than last election even with having the election with the lowest voter turnout. The conservatives Liberals NDP and Bloc all lost votes from last election. The only reason they do not have a seat is because our system is not fair. In the polls they are the only party actually going higher than the election results. in fact they nearly doubled there support in the polls campared to there election results. Harper , Ignatieff and Layton do not have this kind of sucesss.


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