Monday, June 07, 2010

Conservative Control

Harper must have control over every news event. To do this, the government uses a tool called the Message Event Proposal. Basically, it lays out the goal and strategy of the news event before it even happens. It even includes the desired headline, the ideal event photograph and the media lines. In the end, it's Harper's office that decides who gets to create an event. We can conclude rapidly that MEPs are being used for political gain. After all of Harper's promises for transparency, he now controls everything that is said at every news conference. Even one worker said so.
“We discussed every single issue and micromanaged every news release — everything,” said one former Harper-era PCO official.
This is like propaganda. These media events are arranged in advance, scripted in advance, and approved in advance to show the "greatness" of the government. Harper is trying to brainwash us with his MEPs. His government has control over what is said. It's censorship. We, as Canadian citizens should not stand up for this. Canadians deserve better than this.

Read more at the Toronto Star.


  1. I worked for a large corporation in the communications dept. We did excactly the same thing for all of our division managers and satellite offices for every event.
    The company spoke with one voice, had a consistent image and this is considered excellent management.
    What would you prefer? Chaos?

  2. Government is not a company. It's not supposed to brainwash the population for political gain.

  3. government always wants to look good in front of the camera this is not the first time Hilliary Clinton when she was running for president at one point made sure her audience ask friendly questions now this is minor to Harper's media control


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