Tuesday, June 15, 2010

G8+12 Summit

The G8 summit is supposed to include only 10 countries. Wait, ten countries. Isn't it supposed to be eight? Well, there's Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK, the US and two European Union representatives. However, Harper invited ten additional guests to the G "8" meetings: seven from Africa and three from Central and South America. So now, there is actually going to be 20 representatives being housed in Huntsville. That's the town Harper said was too small to be able to provide amenities for 20 representatives. What is this? First he says that Huntsville is too small to host the G20, then he basically transforms the G8 into another G20 while remaining in Huntsville. After we consider this self contradiction, we have to consider if inviting all these additional countries is for show. Was this planned using an MEP just to get the photo Harper wants? This is Canadian tax money being spent so we can be brainwashed. We should not feed Harper's ego.

Read more at CBC.


  1. I think the Star said the G20 is now G33 or 34....this is ridiculous!

  2. Oh, come on, owner and doggy, not everything's a scam. Why do you think everything's a scam? Seriously!


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