Friday, June 11, 2010

Bangladesh Biodiversity

Climate change is harming the world's ecosystems. Now, we can only see the major consequences in the poor countries. The sad thing is that they don't cause climate change; we do. However, they are the ones who are paying. It's not only climate change that is killing the animals. It's cutting down forests, polluting water and air: basically, destroying their habitat. The ecosystem can't deal with such changes so fast. We must keep preserving the environment for biodiversity of the world and so that the consequences won't keep growing. How many more wake-up calls do there need to be?


  1. OK - you be the first to take the furnace out of your house, disconnect all appliances and read by candlelight.

  2. Anonymous you are exaggerating what people can do to stop global warming. the journey of a thousands miles starts with one step. small steps save the planet turning off the light when you do not need it recycle paper it's not hard because at the end all the steps make's a thousand miles.


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