Monday, June 21, 2010

Waste Clock

Today, the Liberal Party of Canada released a waste clock displaying how much the G8/G20 meetings are costing per second. I have to say the figures surprise me. Apparently, the meetings are costing about five thousand dollars per second, 300k per minute. It's still pretty interesting to see how much money Stephen Harper has blown since I began writing this post. Just sit back and watch the numbers fly by. It's pretty fun until you realise that it's our money being spent. Get the clock for your website/blog here.
The Liberal Party of Canada today launched the “G8/G20 Waste Clock” that gives a second-by-second costing of Stephen Harper’s $1-billion boondoggle, following news that Prime Minister Harper’s department has been awarding contracts after the work for them has already started.



  2. Read the whole article.

    "Of those polled who expressed awareness of the summits, 61 per cent said they were "too expensive to be worth it," while 32 per cent said the summits' costs were justified.
    Anderson said it is too soon to say whether voters are ready to forgive the Harper government for such lavish spending to welcome the leaders of the G8 and G20."

    This might also be a good example.


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