Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Carbon Tax is Needed

Dan Gardner from the Ottawa Citizen argues that a carbon tax could help break our addiction to oil and all of its problems. There is no ignoring the advantages of a carbon tax. It's easy to set up, easy to regulate, cheap to maintain and can be used to reduce taxes. Yet politicians and people keep shying away from it. It will actually help us. I fully acknowledge St√©phane Dion's try to sell his Green Shift and good for him. He did the right thing in standing up for the environment in front of the attacks of Jack Layton and Stephen Harper. We must have a carbon tax to reduce further spills and damage to the environment.


  1. Agreed, an immediate and substantial carbon price is needed.

    Its also important to note that a carbon tax unlike a cap and trade system does not become a financial instrument subject to manipulation, speculation and bank profits.

    Do we really want to give the people who gave us ABCP, CDOs and derivatives a carbon market to game?

    I sure don't

  2. Try to find any political leader today with the courage to even propose an effective carbon tax. Ignatieff? Forget it. He dismissed it as an idea rejected by Canadian voters in Harper's 2008 election campaign. Nobody wants to get into a pissing match with Special Ed and the Wild Rosers. Layton's already on record against carbon taxes when it was proposed by Dion. They're all one big pack of spineless wannabees.

  3. I know. I was disappointed that Jack Layton worked with Harper to attack Dion's Green Shift. I thought he was better than that.

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