Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Need for Merger

Barbara Yaffe from the Vancouver Sun says that there is no need to unite the left. She blames our low poll numbers on leadership. However, I do not think it is our leadership itself that is the problem. The problem is that the Conservatives are so good at branding something as bad with their attack ads. Even before the 2008 election, the Tories launched attack ads against St├ęphane Dion. He never had a chance after those well-done advertisements. What the Liberal Party of Canada needs to do is find a way of getting the message out and making sure that Ignatieff is seen as a better leader. We need to be seen as the better way and when the time comes, we will grab power.
It's true the centre and left have become splintered, especially with Greens scooping nearly seven per cent of the vote; but all Liberals need is the right set of circumstances to win.
Canadians, when the appropriate time comes, will know how to vote strategically to turf an offensive government.
For the moment, Liberals are led by someone who has yet to catch fire, failing 1½ years after becoming leader to present an appealing policy platform. This is unfortunate for the Grits but no reason to kill the brand.
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  2. I think trusting Barbara Yaffe to do anything but spread the latest conservative spin is fruitless. She's only one rung down from Jane Taber.

    You may as well ask what the PMO thinks about the Liberals.

  3. If you want to portray Ignatieff as a better leader, you might want to have him show that he can actually, ummmm, lead. So far, not so much.

    As well, I have to disagree with your comment that Ignatieff has not caught fire...I have seen him self immolate on several occasions.

  4. Anonymous, that's why we have Dr Roy and his mudfortunate spellink!! And of course Jim for his spazzout appeal.

  5. Yes, indeedy! Dr Roy commenting at a prog blog.

    Oh and he's spreading his cheer from Johnny Boy at the Natty PO...

    I read the article. If the spawn of the she devil of NattyPo is promoting merger of NDP/Liberals, then I know that my cynicism hasn't been misplaced and that it's a bad idea to merge indeed.


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