Wednesday, June 09, 2010

No Support for Fake Lake

I think we have all heard about the fake lake being built for the G8/G20 summit. Now I think this lake is a waste of 2 million dollars, and it seems support has shrunk from the Conservatives. It is also important to mention that this poll still gives the Conservatives a government. However, this poll raises this question: is there going to be an election? It would require either that Mr. Harper gains a humongous amount of support or Micheal Ignatieff becomes very popular. Therefore, there shouldn't be an election for a while. Even with the economy recovering in Canada, the Conservatives are still averaging around 33%. The Liberals are staying around their 2008 result. The NDP have been growing but still not at there 18% 2008 result. The Greens are at double digits. The political environment as not changed to much recently. This means there is not going to be an election any time soon, nor a Harper majority.

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