Monday, June 07, 2010

High Speed Rail in Africa

Africa's first high speed rail link will open tomorrow in South Africa for the World Cup. There was problems with getting the rail line built but nevertheless, a certain part of it will open. Just as it has proven in other countries, the officials say that it will reduce congestion between Johannesburg and Pretoria. A ticket for this segment of the line will only cost about $5 CAD. Meanwhile, we Canadians are still waiting for high speed rail. There wasn't even a rail link between Vancouver and Whistler for the Olympics. If South Africa can build high speed rail for World Cup Soccer, what was stopping us from building a link for the Olympics? Studies have shown high speed rail is viable in Canada, especially from Vancouver to Portland (Amtrak Cascades), Calgary-Edmonton, and the Corridor (Quebec City to Windsor). We should have high speed rail lines in all of these areas. It can only help us advance into the future for a better economy and environment.
But authorities in Gauteng province, the country's economic powerhouse which includes both Johannesburg and Pretoria, say it will help transform the lives of traffic-frazzled commuters and draw in long-term investment.
"This is going to be an asset and property of the people of South Africa for generations to come," she added.
 Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. If you think it is that viable then invest in it yourself.

    Pretoria is a suburb of Joburg. Perhaps 45 km away.

    Whistler is about triple that distance and through mountains to boot.

    Canada lacks high speed trains but our population and density make it too expensive to serve our major centers.

    The distance between London and Paris is less than that between Toronto and Montreal. The two cities urban population is probably similar to that of all of Canada.

    I do not know if it is viable to run a high speed train between TO and Mon. but I would think that would be the limit.

    The first order of business is to get the cities up to standards. There needs to be a rail link to and from the airports to the city cores. Especially Toronto. That will take several years and a stunning amount of cash. As for the rest; dream on.

  2. There was problems with ...another English lesson needed. The word "problems" is plural therefore in order to use the correct past tense verb of "be" the word "were" is correct. Hence, There were problems with. Was is singular.

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  5. By rail link, I mean one that is fast and not only for the tourists.

  6. "The word "problems" is plural therefore in order to use the correct past tense verb of "be" the word "were" is correct."

    This is a run-on, Mr. English.

  7. would someone please inform me how talking about spelling mistakes will solve world problems or how it is possibly relevant to high speed rails


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