Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stupid Subsidies

Canada subsidises stupidly. Our government still subsidises fossil fuels, the energy of the past and the pollutor of the present. As usual, during the G20 summit, the Conservative government will not show leadership on climate change. Nevertheless, all the leaders of the world's twenty largest economies signed a pact nine eagmonths ago to phase out the subsidies to big oil, big gas and big coal. This is great, but we all know how eager Prime Minister Stephen Harper is to act on climate change. If anything, he promotes increasing our carbon emissions. A responsible government with concerns for the future would end the subsidies immediately. The oil companies already make too big a profit. We do not need to reward them for destroying the environment. What we need to do is penalize them with a carbon tax. It makes the pollutors pay so Canadians get reduced taxes. But since when is Harper for saving the environment? That is why we need a new government.
Ah yes, climate change, the subject Prime Minister Stephen Harper hates. Two weeks ago, while visiting Europe, he called the subject a “sideshow” that wouldn’t get any attention at G8 and G20 summits focused on the economy. European leaders considered his position to be so fossilized that a week ago Monday, at 3 p.m., Mr. Harper had to reverse himself by issuing a revised agenda that, yes, included climate change. Once again – how many times has it been? – Canada’s position on climate change has proved to be an international embarrassment.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. No subsidies for renewables either. The level playing field is no subsidies for anyone. If renewables can't make a business case, then they need more research in order to develop a more cost effective solution.

    Keep in mind that if subsidies are removed and taxes applied, then the corporations will simply pass those costs on to the consumers. So even if income taxes are reduced, consumers will still pay that money in increased energy costs.

    Forget about reducing energy consumption to save money. If enough people do that, then energy prices increase in order to maintain the required infrastructure (see Toronto and Ottawa hydro).


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