Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First Priority: the Environment

Harper's government is not going to make the environment a priority any time soon. However, most Canadians said that climate change should be the priority for the G8 and the G20 meetings according to the polls conducted by Nanos. Interestingly, it beats the economy by about 7% support. (33.7% - 27.3%) Harper did just the opposite. Even under pressure from the UN and many other countries, climate change is not going to be on the agenda. This just goes to show that Canadians want the opposite of what Harper is doing. Many Conservative bloggers would say that they are high up in the polls and therefore, this one doesn't matter. But, is all they care about support? How about responding to what the people want and doing what is best for Canada and the future of Canada? Obviously, Canadians know the environment is extremely important, maybe even more important than the economy as demonstrated by this poll. I know most Canadians are looking for ways to cut down on their environmental footprint and I cheer them on. Harper should let them save the environment and make it easier for us to do so.
Invités à établir l'ordre des priorités pour les rencontres des leaders internationaux, un tiers des répondants (33,7%) ont mis tout en haut de la liste les changements climatiques, contre 27,3% qui estiment que l'enjeu de la reprise économique est le plus important. Les droits de la personne, la liberté et la démocratie arrivent au troisième rang (14,3%), devant la santé maternelle et infantile dans les pays en développement (10,9%), le libre-échange et l'ouverture des marchés (6,1%) et la sécurité nucléaire (4,6%).
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  1. Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

  2. No anonymous that would be the Conservative Party platform in it's entirety

  3. Good one, Gene. How many brain cells did you destroy coming up with that pithy little remark?

  4. at least I have some brain cells to destroy.

  5. "at least I have some brain cells to destroy."

    Not from what I've seen...


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