Friday, June 04, 2010


Scott Reid from the Globe and Mail says that the Liberal Party of Canada should not merge with the NDP. I agree with him. The Liberal party should remain its own with it's own heritage, beliefs and values. What we need to do to regain public support is to keep fighting for our beliefs, not to use a coalition to gain power at all costs. There is no need to sacrifice this party. The Liberal party might seem dead, but we do not need to surrender to Jack Layton. We need to continue to fight for a better Canada.
Who would suggest the party should now sacrifice its identity in the face of an opponent who has three times proven unable to secure a majority mandate? A Prime Minister who has rarely been able to rally more than 34 per cent of public opinion to his side?
The Liberals need to persist, not panic. To remember their history, not fear the future. The Liberal Party of Canada is the most successful political institution in the Western world. It has governed and shaped Canada into the country it is today. From medicare to public pensions to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


  1. And Reid's track record of success is exactly how long?

  2. A coalition is wayyyy different then a merger. (And yea, Scott Reid's track record isn't one I'd be using either).

    As for a coalition, its academic until we see what happens after next election.. but if there's an opportunity to form a government, and a coalition is one of those options, it's frankly stupid to out-of-hand reject it now.


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