Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Fake Lake

For the G20 summit, the Conservatives have decided to build a 2 million dollar artificial lake. I have no idea why they are building this nor where they have the extra money to throw around. Ironically, Lake Ontario, on of the five Great Lakes of North America is right next door. Apparently, this is supposed to be for foreign journalists. This fake lake is supposed to impress them and showcase Canada to the world. I'm all for doing that, but do we really need to spend 2 million on it. Moreover, we should impress foreigners with real Canadian scenery, not with artificial mimics of nature. In fact, the Conservatives are telling the world to show austerity and then they go around spending money on something that's really worth it: a fake lake. Whoever thought up this plan must be pretty stupid.
“This is supposed to be a meeting about dealing with the international debt crisis. We’re supposed to be leading the world in showing austerity and we invite them to our doorsteps to sit around a $2 million fake lake — it’s pretty ridiculous,” said Liberal MP Mark Holland.
Opposition critics on Monday raised several questionable expenditures in the House of Commons — from a new washroom dozens of kilometres away from the Hunstville G8 summit to paved roads to nowhere. Even though construction hasn’t started yet, it is the phony lake complete with Muskoka chairs, mocked-up canoes and changing scenery at the CNE grounds that captured the most attention.
Read more at the Toronto Star or the National Post.

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