Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oil spill turns 60 days !

60 days ago an oil spill happened. BP said it would be very small spill, and would not have much environmental damage. Capered to the Exon Valdez spill it was suppose to be very small. (Exon Valdez spill 11 million barrels in total). Then the number incresed overr time and the issue became bigger. Now we have the equivalent of an Exon Valdez spill every five days. This spill is now 60 days in. Do we need more of this ? Do we want more of what happens in an oil spill like this? I think that we should stop this from happening by making the oil camapnies pay for inspectors to visit oil drilling areas so that the company who is the safest gets more contracts. We should invest in renewable ressources that will never give us billions of dollars in damages, eviromental effects, animals dying and the loss of economy. The real question is: do you want more of this?

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